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Doing Gender

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Doing Gender ist "feministisches Sprachhandeln".[1]

"That is what they are doing, when they are talking. They are doing gender." [2]



«In the modeling market, men's and women's bodies are commodified as "ornamental objects". Modeling work for women is like the professionalization of gender performance; they are "doing gender" par excellence.»[3]


«Thus, when members do or reject housework and child care work by adhering to gender norms, they are "doing gender" (Berk 1985).»[4]


«In this chapter we discuss schools as one context in the lives of adolescents where they are "doing gender" (Thorne, 1993).»[5]


«While I originally concluded in my paper that these men are knitters, a typically female activity, they are doing gender by either removing themselves from female associated spaces or by overcompensating by taking up as much space as possible and asserting their masculinity[6]


«As everyone is unaware of how they are "doing gender", it is easy to see how many people are confused by the development of gender and how it affects society. Gender roles begin as a child is born, the foundations being the type of genitalia the child presents.»[7]


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